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Painting and Embellishment

Linkplas offers solutions in surface finishing, such as: Painting Silk Screen Pad Printing Plating IML (in Mold Label) Hot Stamping


In order to meet customers’ needs, we assemble subcomponents, thus minimizing logistic and storage costs.

Who we are

Linkplas is a company from Joinville, SC, Brazil, which started in June 2002 in the thermoplastic injection industry for the white goods segment. Since then Linkplas has been consolidating its brand through the high-quality level of its services, through a modern infrastructure and with highly qualified, continuously trained professionals, seeking excellence in all management processes. The company has diversified its business model through continuous activities in several industries, such as the automotive, machinery and equipment and special segments. Besides injection,...

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Adress Street Dorothóvio do Nascimento, 2100 Jardim Sofia - Joinville - SC Phone: (47) 3417-9450